My name is Serhii Hrekov.

I’m a Python software developer👽. I founded broplanner and ddnames: a SaaS application and a DNS solution for IoT and remote devices.
I have always been a freelancer as I remember. My freelancing career summaries 13 years. It all started with simple HTML/CSS/PHP and a desire to create a personal page. It get serious when I met my first CMS. Though I was always into the web, performing website services for clients and was known as a WordPress specialist. It doesn’t hold me back from working on Fiverr in parallel and being a social media expert for over 5 years.

I hold a master’s degree in Information Technologies, an alumnus of Odesа Polytechnic National University. The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Institute graduate(колишній “ОНПУ ІКС”), where I studied Computer Engineering and Specialised Computer Systems in Information Technologies and computer science fields.🚀

My story

I was familiar with the basics of programming from an early age(script-based, ex. bash), I needed it to edit video games configurations files☄️. I was very optimistic when I was a teenager and attended my “alma mater” – the first language that I started to study was classic C, however, for personal reasons, my optimism has gone, and my programming learning process changed dramatically. When I  started getting to know object-oriented languages, first C++ and Java after – I didn’t take them seriously at that time and my study stops on basic things, such as “objects and classes”.

However, after time has elapsed I have tried to learn numerous different languages(javascript, ruby, C#, Python) primarily for my freelancing needs – but I couldn’t do it at that time.  In spite of this and the fact of being a full-time freelancer, I find the inner curiosity in thinking about how my life would have been changed if I learned it the right way, and what it’s like to be a full-fledged programmer?.

The turnaround

That’s all I needed🔥 to start a challenge with myself, the requirements were: buy a Python book, find an online course, finish both and create a simple private project. And surprisingly I have done all of this blazingly fast, under a month and even gotten a coding certificate. Since then, I consider myself a programmer and a developer✈️, as well.

The range of my interests mostly lies down to building different projects.
I like to drink good tea, and tasty coffee and watch tech youtube clips. Send me a message if you want to say hello!
And of course, I’m interested in job opportunities for remote work, you can look at my resume.

Since August 2021 I’m participating in #100DaysOfCode and #buildinpublic movements.
If you’re curious about what project I’m doing now, take a look at my Twitter and the Journey category.

Online presenсe

Open Source contributions to PyPi

Projects (SaaS microservice) – Dynamic Domain Name System based on API, JSON & PowerDNS.
spent to build: 4 months
Technologies stack: Python programming language – FastAPI, Postgres, Gunicorn, Uvicorn, Django as a front-end.
Runs under Linux(Ubuntu, Nginx) server.
Important Python libs which were involved: SQLAlchemy, Pydantic for schemas.
Implemented JSON Web Token system.
The very first version was written on Flask but abandoned and then the service has been rewritten from scratch.

ddnames static website on Vercel platform, built with Next.js, HTML, CSS, GitHub Repo and power of MDX markdown.

Python web scraper with Selenium, Geckodriver, BeautifulSoup and Telegram Bot integration
Resources: GitHub source code, service readme, explanation blog article).
Since I’m learning Python and coding Python, I have an interest in Python-related books. Scraper goes thru two popular retail shops, checks for suitable books, collect the information, transforms the information to the right markup and sends it over to the telegram bot, three times per day. – WordPress website, hosted on a Linux server, it was made for multiple purposes: to showcase my work and projects, share my ideas and generate passive income📈.

The Broplanner Wayback machine
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SaaS developer, SaaS founder, Saas creator, software engineer. Serhii Hrekov, укр. Сергій Греков, рус. Сергей Греков, ОНПУ(Одеський Національній Політехнічний Университет, Одесский Национальный Политехнический Университет).