Journey report 22 August 2021: I did not keep my word

Yes, that’s it, I did not keep my word(yet). However, I’ve promised to myself and to you guys – writing at least 1 post each day. I’ve been thinking it’s easy, but it’s not, considering it was 10 days ago and I did only 1(if count this one too – then 2) post, I did it for 20%. The biggest concern thru all these days was – the new WordPress theme and offline care. It takes me 6 days since I said: Don’t Be a Default and successfully change the theme. First I was down to the genesis framework but after some testing(which I slightly did) – I figured out that GeneratePress is better: modern, more features, more flexibility, same fast loading, extremely optimized for SEO. Alongside changing my theme: I have created a poll on the right sidebar:

, Journey report 22 August 2021: I did not keep my word
Don’t forget to vote

I’m inviting everyone who’s reading my text to vote! “Take a vote and your voice will be heard” (by me, of course).

From bad news to good news:


I’ve finished reading the book: “7 Habits of Highly Productive People”.

Here I wanted to share with you some thoughts, but I’ve copied the book title from Google Search and I was unable to remove the link (which copy-pasted to WordPress Gutenberg editor, so here is the tip – click three dots on the block and select “edit as a code” – shit.)

because these woks for classic editor only:
how to remove a link in classic WordPress editor

This book takes me around 2 or even 3 years to finish, it was a physical book, not an ebook. I’ve started to read it right after bough, done probably 70 sheets per day, did it for 2 days and it was enough for me then. I had no time to continue, but the book was always on my table and waited for a better time and the time has come. By the last 2 days, I did more than 200 sheets and finished it, I’m so happy right now, now I’m a little bit smarter, more optimistic, that book gives me the motivation to continue working on this website as well. I can’t say that I recommend it to everyone, but for people who want to start freelancing or repair any kind of relationship – you can go with his book for sure.

summary of the “7 habits of highly effective BRO people” book

This book was in my “3D planner List” which I also updated today… so as you notice from the previous journey reports, my white table was full of shit, but look at it now, I started it from scratch, and the first pick which I should do -“write this post”

, Journey report 22 August 2021: I did not keep my word impossible to copy “3D planner list”

Rows meaning:

WTDo -“Want to do” – things that I want to do in the future or things that should be done years ago

do – things that I’m doing right now, at the moment, for example, “writing this Journey report 22 August 2021”

Done – things which I’ve done.

How about you guys, how do you tracking your professional/life activity? drop a comment and we will make a conversation about that

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