Journey report:15th of August

One of the best pieces of advice which I’m discovering over and over again in my freelancing and entrepreneur life is – “if you need something to do – don’t hesitate, just prepare and do it right now, if you have time for it, otherwise, you will regret“.

One of the derivatives is a classic – “clean the shit out of your table”.

Just look at this shit – do you think it’s pleasant to work at this table – Hell Nah! So I did a little clean-up. And it was a motivation for me to start typing this post, lol. Don’t be lazy, just clean shit from your desc.

, Journey report:15th of August
look at this shit, I can’t work if my working space looks like these

What did I’ve done today?

Work whenever you can

I did write a post(this one, obviously), the previous 5 days I’ve had no chance to do it, so I’m doing it right now at 2 AM.

Don’t Be a Default

I’ve lurked for a better WordPress theme, don’t get me wrong, but Twenty Twenty One theme is not for me, I mean – default themes are good usually, but “BRO NEVER GOIN WITH DEFAULT and it doesn’t mean what default is”. Going with default – forever staying default, I do not default one and my website not gonna be the default one, period.

I’ve chosen a blogging theme over a formal/business one at least for now, tomorrow I will continue my testings.

I’ve found the core plugin which I would test, install and activate tomorrow, it’s calling “WordPress download manager” and it gives the website a possibility to sell files/courses directly, without going into 3rd party payment gateway websites. I’m currently planning to start selling freelance courses, so this one plugin is a must for me.

Returning to regrets, long story short – I’m working from my laptop and the popular problem with laptops is that they’re rocking heat, same with mine, it got lags, loading for too long, the video adapter start lagging and it continues for more than a year, – to get rid of it my laptop should get clean and thermal grease replacement and I did it today, solo. And you know what – it pays off, no more lags, no more heat overwhelming my laptop. So, if you can do it by yourself – don’t hesitate, everything you do – is for better, the action is life.

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