The Ultimate WordPress website optimization techniques

The website optimization process is time-consuming, assembled from many parts, painstaking. It can’t be done all at once, it took more than a day of work, if you don’t have previous experience. To make this complete process look easier – I will

I would automate everything with Python from now on.

Automating the boring stuff is part of my manifesto. I’ve decided to automate my daily work as much as possible with Python. Have you ever tracked how many times you lost by checking the same item at online shops over and over

Journey report: 23 August 2021: Thoughts about the link building

The more I’m thinking on blogging business, the more I understand that link building is everything, ya’all guys and old-school gurus can say – “content is the king” but it’s not. The web is tremendously big, enormously. Considering that – Google and

Journey report 22 August 2021: I did not keep my word

3D planner white table

Yes, that’s it, I did not keep my word(yet). However, I’ve promised to myself and to you guys – writing at least 1 post each day. I’ve been thinking it’s easy, but it’s not, considering it was 10 days ago and I