Django Rest Framework Tips and Tricks

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In this Django rest framework tips article, I will collect interesting and useful tips that can be used while you code your API with Django. I do also have a Django framework tips and tricks article, don’t forget to check. How to

Django tips and tricks

code of how to retrieve the latest row from the Django Database with Django Models

When to use gettext() and gettext_lazy() Functions for TranslationAll of these snippets, Django tips and tricks have been tested on real-world Django applications by me. I’m using each of them in my SaaS projects. I wrote this article in a specific manner,

Properly Run Python Django under a local network

Properly Run Python Django under a local network

First, you need to find your local IP address with this command in cmd: ipconfig/all Open and add your IP address to the ALLOWED_HOSTS list: ALLOWED_HOSTS = [‘’] Finally run command in the terminal: python runserver Voila, now you