Journey report: 23 August 2021: Thoughts about the link building

The more I’m thinking on blogging business, the more I understand that link building is everything, ya’all guys and old-school gurus can say – “content is the king” but it’s not. The web is tremendously big, enormously. Considering that – Google and

Journey report 22 August 2021: I did not keep my word

3D planner white table

Yes, that’s it, I did not keep my word(yet). However, I’ve promised to myself and to you guys – writing at least 1 post each day. I’ve been thinking it’s easy, but it’s not, considering it was 10 days ago and I

Journey report:15th of August

One of the best pieces of advice which I’m discovering over and over again in my freelancing and entrepreneur life is – “if you need something to do – don’t hesitate, just prepare and do it right now, if you have time