, things to do: write a post each day

things to do: write a post each day




Write a post around 1500 words each day, until traffic hits 1000 visits per day(via google analytics).

Then hire a professional.

Why 1500+ words?

According to https://whiteboard-mktg.com/how-much-content-is-good-for-seo-rankings/. Forbes indicating that 700 words are the best choice for your post.

However, I do not believe in Forbes, I believe something that I’m seeing by myself, from my experience- the websites which doing money on tech/apps reviews creating articles anywhere from 1500+ words up to 9000 words and they succeed. Just check out Flippa.com, the niche you’re interested in – those websites doing thousands of dollars per month, automatically from their fluent direct search engine visits. Same for the “general knowledge” niche. Those guys doing websites with ~30 articles in total, then buying ads, writing articles on quora and get passive income over time.

According to Yoast(mega-popular WordPress SEO plugin) – you will be good anywhere from 300+ words https://yoast.com/blog-post-word-count-seo/. I believe this information is out of date. Who needs your 300 words shitty post, while quora answers are 3000 words? In the same article they saying “And, generally speaking, Google tends to rank longer articles higher.” – I believe in that, again – if you check the trends – you will see that blogs with a big amount of words in their posts – get better search positions in Google SERP.

According to Hubspot https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-long-should-your-blog-posts-be-faq – you should write anywhere between 2100 to 2400 words, that’s the perfect amount for SEO texts – I believe in that.

I’m also a long-time lurker of couple journeys on BHW and other thematic forums, one of my favorites https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/journey-scaling-an-authority-website-to-10k-a-month-and-beyond.1230972/ – dude writing 1300+ words and going okay with around 20k$ revenue by the end of each month.

The conclusion will be: you should decide for yourself, everything depends on the website type that you have, if you have a small number of posts – there is no sense to go with 300+ words, you should start from 2500+ and go way beyond it because your website is about knowledge and people will add it to the bookmarks if one page will contain the maximum information on the topic they’re searching for. If your website is about answering general/small questions – then – hell ye, go with 1300+ words on each post and you will be okay, but be ready to write multiple posts per day.

15th August update:

find a better theme, optimize the theme, test it on gtmetrix before removing it.


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