The Ultimate WordPress website optimization techniques

The website optimization process is time-consuming, assembled from many parts, painstaking. It can’t be done all at once, it took more than a day of work, if you don’t have previous experience. To make this complete process look easier – I will divide it into smaller, more understandable parts.

Where to start

The page should load fast. That’s a fact.
For testing purposes, we will be using:
Google Lighthouse – an automated tool for measuring the quality of web pages:
PageSpeed Insights from Google Lighthouse:
GtMetrix (How fast does your website load?): gtmetrix report
Pingdom Website Speed Test:
This website current rankings:

Underwater rocks

Happens, the automatic systems show the wrong or not really an important error.

For example – the “discernible links names” error which is addressed to the website’s images:

WordPress website optimization, The Ultimate WordPress website optimization techniques
WordPress website optimization: the “discernible links names” error

From documentation:

Link text that is discernible, unique, and focusable improves the navigation experience for users of screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Wrong: add text into <a> attribute on images and your page design would be broken.

The solution will be to add the aria-label attribute into the <a> tag of your images, like this:

<a href="" aria-label="Twitter"></a>
WordPress website optimization, The Ultimate WordPress website optimization techniques
credits: Benyamin from StackOverflow

Like the wise man(adrianTNT) said:

The error shows up in Lighthouse tool recommended by google, and the details page says nothing about aria-label, yet this seems to be the solution. That is so classic for Google.

and I’m totally agree with this quote.

To get rid of this error on the WordPress website and change the title-image behaviour: edit the theme code or WP core.
The cons of this WordPress website optimization tip: the website can break easily if you wrote the wrong PHP function. I’m not that experienced with PHP language, so I left this error and move on.


This article is part of my total optimization movement(take a look at how I saved 5 hours per month of my life with this easy Python code, you can do it too), which I have declared and manifested since the start of 2022.
WordPress is something that I like and work on freelance for a long time. TBC.

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